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Initial Development Phase (1997-1998)
During the initial development phase, QPD drilled 2 appraisal wells in Al-Karkara field and A-Structure North field. Extended Well Test (EWT) for KK-1A was performed to verify the general reservoir condition and specially the drive mechanism. Finally commercial viability of the project was proven adequate to proceed into a the Full Field Development.

Full Field Development Phase (2003-2011)
In June 2003, it started the Full Field Development Plan (1st - 3rd stages) for Al-Karkara and A-Structure North fields. After submission of the development plan, the Full Field Development commenced.

In March 2006, the 1st stage development, including two (2) production wells, 1 gas injection well, 1 water injection well and installation of 3 base platforms was completed. The commercial oil production from Al-Karkara and A-Structure North field was started.

In January 2007, QPD started the Sour Gas Injection and established the first Zero Gas Flaring Operation in Qatar.

In August 2007, QPD submitted the Full Field Development Plan for A-Structure South Field subsequent to first through third stage development plan implementation.

In March 2008, the second stage development including drilling of two additional production wells was completed.

In 2010 the third stage development including drilling of one water injection well was completed.

In April 2011, A-South Full Field Development Plan commenced. The drilling of one production well and one water injection well was completed. The crude oil production from A-Structure South field was added.

Current total crude oil production of QPD field is an average 7,000 bopd as of October 2011. However the production may increase to reach about 9,000 bopd after resolving all operational issues. All the entitled crude oil of QPD are exported to Japan.
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